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Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi

Places to visit in Abu Dhabi

Sightseeing in Abu Dhabi is one of the popular activities tourist loves to embark upon while on a tour to this fabulous city. Abu Dhabi city offers plenty of attractions of historical, archaeological, and architectural value. Various areas and islands in Abu Dhabi are developed to promote tourism including the Corniche & Yas and Saadiyat Island.

Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation

Cultural Foundation comprises the Institute of Culture and Art, the National Library and the National Archives and is located close to the Qasr al-Hosn.

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is one of the largest and a magnificent mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a place visited most by tourists year round.

Bateen Shipyard Abu Dhabi

It provides an insight on the ancient art of boat making.

Bedouin Village Abu Dhabi

Bedouin Village in Abu Dhabi reflects the then life of the Bedouins including their myths, traditions and beliefs.

Lake Garden Abu Dhabi

The Lake Garden is located near the beautiful Abu Dhabi Heritage Park and famous Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

Liwa Oasis Abu Dhabi

Liwa is a large oasis area around a 2 hours drive from the city of Abu Dhabi.

Rub Al Khali Abu Dhabi

The Rub Al Khali in Abu Dhabi is a great sandy desert.

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi

 Saadiyat is positioned to become, a desirable international destination, a flagship for Abu Dhabi, and a treasure for the world.

Volcano Fountain Abu Dhabi

The Volcano Fountain looks best most at night, when light falls on it and the lighting effects in the water create the impression of a dramatic volcanic eruption.

Women's Handicrafts Center Abu Dhabi

The Women's Handicrafts Center in Abu Dhabi provides an insight into the skills of the local woman.

Yas Island Abu Dhabi

Yas Island is one the several islands around Abu Dhabi which have been developed for tourism. It is also home to the Yas Marina Circuit which hosts the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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